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Handcrafted greeting cards for all occasions made by Trish in Canberra, Australia.

Q  What do I receive with card purchase?
A  All cards are provided with an envelope, plastic sleeve to protect the card & envelope during handling and a cardboard insert to protect the card and envelope during delivery to you.

Q  Is there anything displayed inside the card?
A  All cards are blank inside, unless specified in the individual product description.

Q  Can I request a custom card or gift?
A  Yes. I love making personal orders. Please email or call me to discuss size, theme, colour and other inclusions.

Q  Can I request multiple copies of a particular card or gift available on the website?
A  Yes, however it depends on the availability of embellishments and materials for an exact reproduction.

Q  Why do some cards or gifts of the same size, vary in price?
A  Embellishments & other materials can vary in quality and price (despite looking very similar in appearance), which can vary the product end price.

Q  Are these products available in a store?
A  Yes, you can also find Cards n More at Trove located in the city of Canberra.

Q  What if my purchase is damaged when it arrives?
A  All care will be taken to securely package your purchase, however if you receive a damaged delivery, please contact me via the contacts page as soon as your purchase is received.

Q  What if I change my mind after the checkout process is completed?
A  No exchanges or ‘change of mind’ is available once the check process is completed.

Q  The website is not displaying correctly, what can I do?
A  The Cards n More website is developed in a ‘responsive’ design, meaning the format can be adapted and displayed on PCs and many mobile devices and operating systems. If you experience display issues, select the compatibility option on your device or use a different web browser (Eg. Chrome).